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From Starting Up to Scaling Up

Starting a business and leading its growth are two different challenges, yet we often view them as the same. As a business grows, it must learn to focus its time, capital, and talent to manage growing expectations that are constantly in flux. Failure to make this transition is largely why 80 percent of startups fail.


Led by serial entrepreneur and best-selling author, Charles Fred, our committed team provides leadership and guidance to help small businesses that have overcome the startup phase continue to grow and succeed.

Your small business is our big mission.

Fact: Over the past 30 years, 60 percent of all new jobs were created by small businesses.

= 1% of jobs

Charles Fred: rethinking Business Growth

May 16th, 2015 Orlando Florida - Hear Charles speak on the true definition of growth and how changing the lens we use to measure our success can help small businesses mature past the critical 6th year and break the glass ceiling most entrepreneurs experience ($6,000,000 in revenue)

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Client Testimonials

  • Charles and his group have done an astounding job. They were able to quickly and accurately assess our company’s core strengths and value and put into action a plan to maximize this value. They don’t just talk, they do and the results have been impressive!

    Gage Garby, CEO of Axion Health