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Point of View: The Foundation of a Company

| | | May 13, 2015

Without a solid and focused point of view, a company cannot succeed. If you do not know your own purpose, how can you share it with your clients? The following five criteria are essential elements of creating a strong point of view for your business:

Perspective on a Particular Problem

If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, you must hone your own perspective on a particular problem or opportunity. This perspective must either refute the status quo or establish a new order. Until you have your own perspective, you cannot share it with others.

An Anchor

Once you decide on your point of view, you must create an anchor that stakes it into the ground. This anchor should establish a basis for comparison or measurement so your clients and competitors know exactly where your business stands.

Evidence that Proves Your Perspective

If you want other people in the industry to take you seriously, you must have evidence that backs up your thesis. Find case studies, statistics, and other information that helps you prove that your perspective is directionally correct. Compile your evidence in easy-to-read and understand formats that help you explain your perspective to others.

Passion About Your Perspective

You have to feel energy and passion about your perspective so you have the motivation to share it with others. Once you have the confidence in your own perspective, it is easy to convince others why they should share it and trust your company to help them achieve the goals set by said perspective. This passion provides the path to overcoming traditional thinking for you and for your clients.

Versatility to Reach the Masses

Understanding your point of view is only the first step in using it toward a successful business model. You must also make it versatile and adaptable enough to share with a device or model that makes it easy for a wide range of people to understand your concept.

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