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The American economy is built on small business, but only 20 percent of small businesses make it past their fifth year.

Startups are thrust into the spotlight with a large majority of investment, media focus, and attention. Once the company survives past its first few years, though, there is often not enough momentum to keep it moving or growing. Most small business owners do not have the guidance they need to keep moving forward.

The Reignite Group knows that 7 out of every 10 new jobs in the U.S. comes from small business. Our research effort and mission is to reignite small businesses by putting them on a path of growth toward success.

We do this by providing business owners with the right tools and resources to help them grow, manage this growth, and find a stable foundation for success. In the past 30 years, 60 percent of all new jobs in the U.S. were created by small business. More importantly, if organizations that currently have between 10 and 50 employees would add just 2 new jobs per year on average, the United States would gain nearly 8 million net new jobs annually.

Our commitment is to provide you with those missing resources to help you manage growth and find new ways to succeed.

Your small business is our big mission.

We invest almost $40 billion dollars annually in startups: $30 billion from venture investors and another $10 billion from friends and family supporters.

America needs more startups. They are the foundation of this country’s economy. There is a severe lack of financial focus on those companies that have surpassed the monumental fifth year, however. If we could put more attention and financial support toward these startups that survive, we could reignite the national economy.

Growth Strategy

Starting a business is not the same as growing a business. We help you find an effective growth strategy for your needs.


No business can succeed without a focus. We help you find your true focus to serve as the foundation of your company.


Our team will learn all about your process and work with you to find the best way to make it even more effective.

Scaling Challenges

We can help you deal with business growth to avoid owner inertia and keep your business moving forward.


Our team points you toward technological resources that benefit your company so you can achieve your corporate goals.

Custom Solutions

We sit down with you to offer you the custom solutions you need to solve the unique problems of your business.


Small Business—Big Mission

The skills necessary to start a business are the same skills that will choke the life out of its growth. An organization stops growing when it reaches the limits of the owner’s know-how. Starting a business is different than growing a business. We need startups. In fact, we need more of them because only 20% will eventually become reliable businesses. Yet we invest nearly $40 billion dollars annually in startups: $30 billion from venture investors and another $10 billion from friends and famil...